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Taiwan's publishing industry has a strong response to the introduction of mainland capital

the two sides recently signed a service trade agreement indicating the opening up of many industries, among which the printing industry is the most controversial (4) about the maximum load elongation and damage elongation. They are worried that the huge capital of the mainland will impact Taiwan's small companies' production of experimental machines. They are all type of publishing houses that have been run in for years. Haomingyi, the "national policy adviser to the presidential palace", issued an open letter to Ma Ying Jeou, criticizing the authorities for "ignorance and ignorance". The authorities neither explained in detail nor consulted the industry in advance, so they strongly opposed the signing of the agreement

according to the agreement, mainland printers can set up joint ventures in Taiwan, but their shareholding shall not exceed 50%. They can only invest in existing businesses in Taiwan. While the mainland only allows Taiwan enterprises to print publications through joint ventures, "mainland capital should hold a controlling or dominant position", but promises to simplify the approval procedures for Taiwan's book imports to the mainland

haomingyi pointed out that the vast majority of Taiwan's publishing industry is small-scale. The government should assist the industry to expand outward, rather than introducing mainland capital, so that small enterprises may be merged or eliminated

wangrongwen, chairman of Yuanliu group, a publisher, pointed out that mainland funds can invest in printing in Taiwan and can print any book or magazine; However, when Taiwanese enterprises want to invest in printing in the mainland, they are difficult to obtain "book and journal approval". They can only develop in joint ventures. "The bilateral market should be opened, or the negotiations will be lost.

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