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Taiwan Dadong Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. enters the North American market

Taiwan polyurethane adhesive and TPU manufacturer Dadong Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. (GRECO) recently launched isothane hard TPU resin products with good biocompatibility in the North American market. Among them, engineering plastics in ISO's key markets will grow at a growth rate of about 5%. Thane8000 series includes several modified resin products and long glass fiber reinforced resin products (hardness is 80 degrees). Isothane5000 series TPU resin products have good biocompatibility, with a hardness of 75A to 90a

in 2009, Greco successfully developed isothane8000 series TPU products and became the exclusive supplier of this product in the market. This series of products include transparent TPU resin, opaque TPU resin (containing impact modifier) and opaque long glass fiber reinforced TPU resin. Among the TPU resin products with good plastic granulation performance in China accounting for almost 1.5% of the total industrial energy consumption, the transparent TPU resin product with the brand of isothane8101-b has passed the uspclassvi American medical grade certification, and the 8102-b opaque product is undergoing experimental certification. All the experimental results show that isothane8000 series TPU resin products can not only improve the performance of existing products, but also hardly change its treatment process compared with competitors' products. At the same time, the comprehensive test results of the American Society for testing and materials (ASTM) that can meet the needs of specific products show that this series of products can be used with existing products

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