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Taiwan media: Taiwan's "losing heart" trapped in the information cloud

Taiwan's "China Times" article on November 20, the original title: Taiwan's "losing heart" trapped in the information cloud, Taipei mayor kewenzhe has been a little annoyed recently, and he has fallen into a dilemma. What this dilemma reflects is actually the key problem of big data. There is only one core of kewenzhe's dilemma today: he takes the lead in making trouble. Both the Kop and the Taiwan authorities should have a long-term plan for governing. If not, they must follow the short sentence criticism every day. Otherwise, not only will the authorities lose their soul, I am afraid that even Taiwan will become a lunatic manipulated by negative criticism

check the five major cases. Each case is the business of the municipal government. Kewenzhe can check to the end to show the lack of the previous government. The width is 115mm. But since he took over the municipal government, he has the ability to solve the old problems. He is not a procuratorial unit. If he finds out legal problems and sues anyone, the investigation will be over. He is the answer to the problem. Now he has made the problem big, as if he had investigated the case, but he could not solve the problem, so he had to burn his head in his arms

the projector of Chen's impact test auxiliary machine is an old saying that Shui Bian said long ago in his time: "do not make trouble at home, do not make trouble at home". The reason is that being in charge of the family is a person who has to deal with official affairs. No matter who makes trouble, you have to deal with it in the end. You took the lead in making trouble, but you didn't tear down your own market? Embarrass yourself? The opposition can make trouble. This is the easiest thing to do. The principle of making trouble is: "make small things bigger, and make big things out of control.". Because the more unable to clean up, the more embarrassed the incompetence of the ruler. However, the governor is responsible for administration, security, social order, etc., and all public power is exercised by you. It is nothing more than to maintain the safety and security of the public. You take the lead in making trouble, and who will deal with it in the end

Ke P was not in power and did not expect the ruling party, so he launched various offensives, just like an opposition party. But later on, he will find that the offensive launched by his left hand has to be resolved by his right hand. The more we launch, the more difficult it will be for him to resolve. The left hand is busy making moves, the right hand is busy dissolving them, and he is busy in a mess. What is this? Zhoubotong

as a matter of fact, Ke P only needs to look at Tsai ing Wen. The DPP is no longer offensive, but on the defensive. Why? Because now all the attacks on the ruler are the subject that the next ruler should solve. The more we attack, the more difficult problems we have to solve, and it will be hard to govern in the future

after Ke P was elected mayor, there was a big data myth in the society. It seems that having overall big data means having the masses and public opinion. In particular, social media such as Facebook and line have become a certain indicator of popularity and public opinion. However, the basis of these indicators is problematic

the problem is that the current reading habits have changed from computers to. It is difficult to read because of the small size of the dough plate. Moreover, most people read while walking. It is difficult to concentrate on reading an article. Therefore, it is easy to read only when there are fewer words. Therefore, social media is only suitable for photos, phrases, or even half sentences. It is best to have a very sour and ironic sentence about something, so that it can attract attention and be easily transmitted

those who want to reason and talk about problems are generally ignored. It can be seen that it is easy to express negative criticism, not easy to have positive construction, and positive construction will not have any response. No wonder some people say: "a word of hard work, hard praise; write articles, no one read!"

is the so-called big data established through these social media representative? Does it only criticize, not build? Is it easy to make trouble and difficult to do things? If you care about the negative criticism from the cloud every day, and change the east to the west, will the father and son ride the donkey in the end, and the two sides are not people

Ke P is a typical believer in big data. However, if the cloud's big data is criticized mostly and lack of construction, you will follow the loud criticism step by step, and only continue to criticize and dismantle the platform. How can you achieve the results of governance? What's more, you are the municipal government. If you dismantle the platform, you will have to solve it yourself. After the trouble is over, you should clean it up on behalf of the authorities. If you get involved, you will burn the components. Don't you ask for trouble

no one can stop social media or disclose culture. It is already a social phenomenon. After the change of the new mobile communication, it has penetrated into our lives, and even formed a new media "short sentence criticism" atmosphere. However, its characteristics are only suitable for short, but it is impossible to have a profound culture, let alone long-term construction. Both Ko P and the Taiwan authorities should have a long-term plan for governing, and there is no need to follow the short sentence criticism every day. Otherwise, not only will the authorities lose their soul, I am afraid that even Taiwan will become a lunatic manipulated by negative criticism

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