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Taiwan's Youbisheng company launched a laser marking machine

the quality of reinforcement of Taiwan's Youbisheng packaging materials company is very important to the country. The newly launched "smartlase laser marking machine" does not need ink, is pollution-free, has many types of fonts, adjustable font size, is easy to use, consumes less power, and recovers costs quickly

the company said that the actual use of the code printer using the testing machine does not need the advanced technology of the electronic testing machine, the low-energy carbon dioxide laser beam is quite safe, weighs only 10 kg, is light and compact, is easy to install on the production line, and does not need to place a micro processor to form a win-win cooperation mode with other enterprises

the machine uses the CIM control network software of Marken company to integrate the laser printing system and greatly improve the efficiency. Through optical sensor and encoder, the machine can print uniformly. The coaxial direction can be changed by 90 degrees without restriction. The laser intensity is adjustable. The diagram can be configured with color coding function. There are 45 touch keys, 26 English letters, 10 numbers, symbols and patterns. The printing speed is as high as 400 words per second. It is continuous and the font is clear. It is suitable for integrated circuit boards, glass, plastic Polymers and wood are not the better materials with higher resolution. It can be used in electronic components, integrated circuit boards, high-tech electronic components, beverage industry, pharmacy, beauty cosmetics, medical equipment, daily necessities and other industries

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