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Keep your original intention and make a big difference! Ilofa doors and windows has always been committed to solving the pain point needs of the industry, and is committed to creating door and window products that customers really need

115 broken bridge/non broken bridge sliding window

product features

economy ≠ simple and practical & Economy can have both! Elofa 115 sliding window series is a cost-effective product suitable for the needs of more families. In terms of window structure, this series has more choices: Broken Bridge/non broken bridge, three track/two track flexible collocation, and greater choice space; Two track, three track and yarn fan materials are all in one, with simple workmanship and practical performance, which is favored by the majority of users

at the same time, in order to let ilofa products enter more families, 115 window series is also "people-friendly" in price! High cost performance is one of the highlights of the product. Even though there is a lot of choice in the structure, the price is also very appropriate; In the similar window product series, the performance and price are more advantageous

122 high air tight hidden frame three track sliding window

Product characteristics

122 high air tight hidden frame three track sliding window is one of the products recommended by elofa this year; Compared with other series of window products, 122 sliding window not only meets the needs of home style in color, but also has a breakthrough in structure and performance

10 channel sealing design, sound insulation effect & Better waterproof performance; The concealed frame window type reduces the occupied area of materials, provides better daylighting and makes the whole window more beautiful. 122 high air tight concealed frame three track sliding window has more choices in structure (sill handrail, anti-theft guardrail, anti-theft gauze net, etc.) which is safe and practical, and naturally more secure





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