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[] speaking of the pain caused by home decoration pollution, Ms. Yang was miserable. On the first day of moving into her new house, she felt a pungent smell, and the humid air by the sea made several walls in the living room turn over and fall off. Later, children began to cough dry and cry sore throat every day, and our adults began to have similar symptoms. Further development, the situation becomes more and more serious. Our eyes are black when we get up every day

Ms. Yang then invited an authoritative environmental testing agency. The test data showed that the ammonia values of the living room, master bedroom, secondary bedroom and study were significantly higher than the national environmental protection standard by 0.2 mg/m3, benzene partially exceeded the standard, toluene exceeded the standard by a full 116 times, xylene exceeded the standard in most rooms, and the total volatile organic compounds also exceeded the standard in an all-round way. The secondary bedroom, which was the most severely affected, exceeded the standard by nearly 43 times, which seemed that the magnificent mansion could only be seen

in view of the increasingly serious problem of home decoration pollution, experts in the diatom mud industry told reporters: now some consumers do not understand the composition of decoration materials and blindly pursue aesthetics, resulting in the increasingly serious problem of home decoration pollution. In recent years, diatom mud, an environmentally friendly wall material, has quietly sprung up in the domestic market. In just a few years, domestic brands have reached more than 10, with good and bad product quality, including fake and shoddy products. However, as diatom mud, a kind of wall material, has only developed for 10 years internationally, ordinary consumers are unable to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Industry experts explained in detail some methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud:

1. Eyes: first, look at the gloss. High quality diatom mud is a porous material with a porosity thousands of times higher than that of charcoal products. It has the function of sound and light absorption. With the naked eye, the wall decorated with diatom mud is a small frosted surface that will not reflect light. If the wall is found to be smooth and reflective after painting, it can be basically determined that it is a fake diatom mud or a low-quality product with very low diatomite content. Second, look at the color. In the production process of diatom mud wall materials, in order to ensure that the tiny gap will not be blocked by adding chemicals, pure natural extracted pigments are used. Natural pigments are expensive, but the color is very positive, and there will be no very bright color. Therefore, if the color of the wall is not correct, or the color is bright, it must be the result of adding chemical pigments or color pink agents

2. Touch by hand: high quality diatom mud is soft and moist, and the hand touch is not rough, soft and elastic, and the texture is strong. In order to prevent cracking, a certain proportion of plant fibers need to be added in the process of producing diatom mud wall materials, so after the construction is completed and dried, you can feel fine Plush by gently touching the wall with your hand. If it is not stated that crack prevention treatment has not been done, the quality of the product may be problematic

3. Wash with water: the high-quality and environment-friendly diatom mud wall material is produced from natural water-soluble materials, which can still be dissolved with water to restore the mud after molding and curing. If the formed diatom mud cannot be reduced to mud, the diatom mud that can be scrubbed with water shows that it is caused by adding a lot of chemical adhesives, which is obviously a fake and inferior product. Diatom mud is easy to construct, with strong plasticity and very soft texture. The construction of inferior diatom mud is prone to overturn, fall off, uneven color and stiff texture

diatom mud construction requirements:

1. Make site preparations before construction, and brush the base of the construction surface with primer or primer, which can effectively prevent the cracking of the finish and color difference

2. The applicable substrates of diatom mud wall materials include all kinds of existing walls, including cement wall, wood board, gypsum board, PC board, aluminum-plastic board, glass, steel plate wall, etc

3. Add tap water in strict accordance with the specified proportion, and fully mix it with an electric mixer (add warm water in winter)

4. Avoid direct sunlight exposure during construction to prevent affecting the construction quality

5. It is not suitable to construct in the environment below zero

6. The wall material of our company is formed at one time. Generally, it needs to be maintained for 24 hours in summer and 48 hours in winter after completion

7. In the maintenance process, collision must be avoided. Once collision occurs in the maintenance process, the repair will produce joints, which will affect the overall aesthetic effect

daily maintenance of diatom mud: diatom mud is very easy to take care of every day, so it doesn't need to spend a lot of time. Diatom mud itself has anti-static function and does not touch dust. If there is a lot of dust in the room, it can be gently dusted with a duster. Diatom mud has certain stain resistance. If there are fingerprints, pencils and other marks, use an art eraser instead of a wet rag





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