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China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen talk about what the plate industry is fighting in 2018

in 2018, in this era of father and mother, what will home building materials enterprises fight in the second half of the year? China's top ten brands of fine wood, craftsman and health board believe that home building materials enterprise brands should strive for quality, service, value, talent, reputation and brand

1. Fight for price

brothers and sisters who sell home building materials, please advise: don't blindly fight for price

home building materials are durable goods that can be used for more than ten years at a time. We should: fight for quality, service and value

instead of you selling 350, I sell 300 and he sells 250, that's really 250

blindly fight the price, and finally earn money from selling cabbage, and finally everyone is finished

Price wars are not uncommon in the 21st century

no matter what industry it is, it is more or less involved in the product competition known as low price

however, as consumers' shopping behavior becomes more and more rational, this approach is no longer applicable to the current product market

the applicable premise of price tactics is that your product is of high quality, good reputation, and famous brand. Supplemented by a slightly lower price, it may be able to move the hearts of more consumers

2. Spell quality

Dear customer, have you found it

cheap household building materials products are happy only at the moment you buy them! Never feel at ease when using it

good quality products are distressed at the moment of giving money! When you use it, you are happy every day. The more you use it, the happier you are

the quality of products depends on your choice! If you choose the right one, time will prove your rationality and foresight

it's very expensive. Yes, because it's good, it's expensive! Product quality is important

in the industry, the slogan of "quality first" has become a commonplace, but it cannot be denied that it is true

no matter what you fight for, in the final analysis, you can't do without having high-quality products. Because the product is the core of the enterprise

so, don't think about opportunism and cutting corners. Read it to me three times: quality first! Quality first! Quality first

3. Fight for service

the premise of service is profit. The profit space can be squeezed, but it can't disappear. Otherwise, service will disappear together with profit

we strive to do a good job in after-sales service at a reasonable price and do not engage in vicious competition.

for the happy tomorrow of home building materials people and the comfort and happiness of customers, let's cheer together

due to the high competition in the home building materials industry, the market demand of the service industry will be doubled

in this case, marketing companies, logistics companies, home decoration companies, etc. can inject more support into the home building materials industry.

perhaps building materials giants can also bring it into their own business scope and assimilate it into enterprise value-added services

4. Word of mouth

word of mouth can also be said to be popular

compared with advertisements, people are more willing to believe their friends' comments and choose brands

without good reputation as support, it is difficult to establish a positive brand image

therefore, home building materials enterprises should focus on the interests of consumers and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Only in this way can they establish a good corporate image and brand image in the market and win the praise of consumers

5, spell talent

there is a classic line in "no thief in the world": "what is the most lacking in the 21st century, talent!"

this is still the case in the theft industry, which is low-quality and does not enter the market. Our regular household building materials enterprises should double their talent reserves and human resources construction

only with wise and excellent senior leadership, capable middle managers and grass-roots employees who are cooperative, United, cooperative and consistent can such enterprises have the capital to survive

6. Brand competition

it is not difficult to find that almost all of the major multinational brands of home building materials are brand driven enterprises, which is also their advantage

at present, the industry is in the red sea of competition, with a forest of brands and serious homogenization, which makes consumers at a loss

it is particularly important to fight a good brand war in the homogenization breakthrough

brand, as a stage of the development of enterprise experience activities to a higher level, is something that enterprises must pay attention to

is also an important aspect for enterprises to establish market segmentation and effectively enhance audience influence

in 2018, the competition of home building materials enterprises will become the competition of comprehensive strength, not only to fight for price, quality, service, reputation, talent, but also brand. Only by developing in many ways, the development road of the enterprise will be broader

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