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With the improvement of people's awareness of health and environmental protection, the choice of interior decoration materials has become increasingly picky. It is understood that 80% of the citizens pay high attention to the "selection of indoor wall materials", which is different from the previous traditional wall materials such as paint, wallpaper and latex paint. As a new environmental protection decorative wall material for interior walls, the overall background wall panel not only has the functions of adjusting air humidity, sound insulation and heat preservation, fire prevention and flame retardancy, health and environmental protection, but also has strong artistry, which can meet the personalized needs of contemporary people, It has gradually become a new generation of interior decoration materials to replace wallpaper and latex paint. It is reported that the service life of solid wood wallboard is more than 20 years, while the average life of latex paint and wallpaper is 3-5 years, which is also the practicality of the overall background wallboard

now the overall background wallboard is more and more popular among the people, so now there are more and more manufacturers of solid wood wallboard, and this big cake has attracted many investors. Although the overall background wallboard price is not a simple figure. However, the number of people doing background wall decoration has been showing an increasing trend. Many investors used to work in wallpaper and soft decoration sales. The stable and effective product quality of the overall background wallboard has enabled more operators with advanced vision to see unlimited prospects and hopes. If you want to join this industry, create a myth of emerging industries. You might as well look for information from professional websites to understand the situation of the industry, and then choose powerful and reliable satisfactory brands to join

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