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If you are used to pouring water into the toilet or throwing debris in your life, you can consider choosing the direct flush toilet. The direct flush toilet pipe is larger (generally more than 7cm, and the inner diameter of the siphon pipe is more than 4.1cm according to the national standard), which is not easy to cause blockage

joyou Zhongyu bathroom

choose a direct flush toilet

your house is an old house, and the sewer pipe used is cast iron, so you should choose to use a direct flush toilet

if you are used to pouring water into the stool or throwing debris in your life, you can consider choosing direct flushing. The direct flushing toilet pipe is larger (generally more than 7cm, and the inner diameter of the siphon pipe is more than 4.1cm according to the national standard), which is not easy to cause blockage

choose siphon toilet

your house is a new house, and the sewer pipe is made of PVC, and you like mute. When you go to the toilet at night, it will not affect your family, so you can consider choosing siphon toilet

second, can't you clean it

the reason why the glaze is not cleaned is that the quality of the glaze is poor, the water absorption is high, and it is easy to get dirty. Large brand products have good glaze selection and high firing temperature, so they have low water absorption, are not easy to hang dirty, and can be washed clean

III. easy to jam

there are several reasons for easy blockage: low glaze quality, easy to hang dirty, causing blockage; Instead of glazing the whole pipe, the pipe is easy to hang dirty; The pipe is small, so it is not easy to wash away dirt. Generally speaking, the direct flushing pipe is larger, and the siphon pipe is smaller. Some brands of siphon toilets have pipe thickening technology

IV. water saving

the water-saving performance of water parts is good, so there will be no water leakage, and there are double gear keys and large and small flushing

toilets with poor sewage discharge capacity and poor glaze quality need to be flushed many times after being used for a long time

the water-saving effect of the direct flush toilet is better than that of the siphon toilet. In addition, the direct flush toilet can drain the water bottle into the water tank to save water, but the siphon toilet cannot

v. what are the after-sales guarantees for general toilets

good after-sales:

will be responsible for door-to-door installation and maintenance, and regularly consult customers about their use, and better still, regularly door-to-door cleaning

products can be replaced if they have problems during the warranty period

the after-sales department will be responsible for dealing with the problems caused by product quality

the toilet water parts can be replaced in case of non-human problems

after the warranty period, only the cost will be charged if the product accessories need to be replaced; If there is a problem with the customer's product, the after-sales service will deal with it immediately

VI. select pit distance

there are many kinds of pit distances of toilets, such as 200mm, 305mm, 400mm, 580mm, etc. the thickness of tiles should be considered when measuring the pit distance. The diameter of the downpipe is generally 110mm, the diameter of the water outlet of the franc is 70mm, and there is 40mm in the middle that can be adjusted

VII. Health killer of bathroom &mdash& mdash; Toilet

in places with high humidity in the toilet, bacteria multiply rapidly, and the number of bacteria may exceed the number of people in China

the split toilet has a joint between the toilets, which is difficult to clean, and the conjoined toilet does not

Philip ·, New York University; Dr. Tierno pointed out that if the toilet cover is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can bring bacteria or microorganisms up to 6 meters high into the air, suspend them in the air for several hours, and then fall on the walls and objects. Now in most families, toileting, washing and shower are carried out in the bathroom. Toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, towels, etc. share a room with the toilet, which is naturally vulnerable to bacterial pollution. Therefore, the habit of covering the toilet when flushing should be formed. If the toilet cover is often covered, it is more convenient to buy a toilet with a buffer cover plate

professor yuqingfu of the school of public health of Fudan University pointed out that the survey found that 32% of toilets had dysentery bacilli, one of which was called “ Song Nei ” Of Shigella bacilli survived on the toilet seat for up to 17 days; Another experimental report also pointed out that when 100million poliovirus were put into the toilet, 3000 viruses splashed on the seat

places with such serious pollution have the most “ Intimacy ”, Therefore, we should focus on cleaning, and wipe with diluted household disinfectant every two days. As for the cloth washer, it is best not to use it. If it must be used, it should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. If possible, you might as well change a toilet with antibacterial function and splash proof design

the vortex siphon toilet seat is selected. Due to the auxiliary punching hole, the dirt will be sucked into the ceramic inner wall through the auxiliary punching hole, and there will be a lot of bacteria over the years, so it should be disinfected frequently

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