Eight reasons for choosing wallpaper for decoratio

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1. Personalized and diversified patterns, colors and textures are the biggest advantages of wallpaper compared with other interior wall decoration materials. It breaks the stereotyped style of traditional interior wall decoration materials, and has rich colors, styles and materials for you to choose. It can create different home styles and tastes at will, reflecting the true personality, whether it is elegant and noble style or fresh and pleasant pastoral scenery, Whether it is the exotic style of European style and beauty or the simple and elegant oriental charm, it can be handy for you

2. High environmental performance

environmental protection has increasingly become one of the most concerned issues in the selection of decoration materials. Wallpaper uses pure natural and less polluting paper materials, fabrics, wood fibers and micro suspended PVC resin as raw materials. From the perspective of production technology, process and use, PVC resin does not contain harmful ingredients such as lead and benzene. Compared with other chemical building materials, wallpaper can be said to be non-toxic. In particular, high-end Wallpapers such as pure paper wallpapers, natural material wallpapers and wood fiber wallpapers have higher environmental protection performance, which can be exemplified by the wide application of wallpapers in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries. The special glue for wallpapers used when posting wallpapers is usually made of plant starch, such as water-based wallpaper glue made of potato powder, which is also safe and pollution-free

3. Easy to clean and maintain

wallpaper has good wear resistance and dirt resistance, so the maintenance is also very simple. Once you find a stain on the wallpaper, you can remove the stain by dipping a sponge in clean water or detergent; You can also wipe it with a wet cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Among them, the adhesive wallpaper has the most prominent characteristics of dirt resistance and scrub resistance, which ensures that even if you repeatedly wipe it, it will not affect the beauty of the family wall

4 The construction is convenient and the cycle is short

paint or coating is used for decoration. The wall surface needs to be constructed repeatedly at least three to five times, with an interval of one day, that is, it takes a week, and the indoor ventilation should be maintained for more than 10 days before moving in. When choosing wallpaper decoration, you only need to brush a layer of varnish or wallpaper base film on the polished wall (no smell, safe and environmental protection). A house of about 100 square meters is posted by professional wallpaper builders, which can be completed by three people in one day, without affecting your normal life

5. Easy to upgrade

wallpaper can be updated at any time, often changing the atmosphere of the living space, often with a sense of freshness. If you want to replace the wallpaper that has been pasted, just wet the wallpaper, tear it off directly, and then paste the wallpaper you like, which will immediately make your home environment look new. It is undoubtedly a good spiritual adjustment and enjoyment to spend a little money and time to change the atmosphere of the room. Some developed countries in foreign countries change their Wallpapers every year, even at Christmas and birthdays, and they usually do it by themselves. Wallpaper DIY is also a great fun

6. Crack proof, tensile pull

wallpaper has good crack proof function. Someone said that there is no unbreakable emulsion paint! When making emulsion paint on the insulation board, whether it is with dacron cloth or bandage, some cracks are exposed not long after the handover, and wallpaper can play a good role in avoiding this defect. As long as the pavement is in place, small cracks will not appear again. Moreover, the wallpaper has good tensile strength, and even if there is a small crack on the wall, it will not affect the wallpaper

7. Sound insulation and noise reduction

the textured surface of wallpaper can make sound waves reflect many times, so as to weaken the noise and improve the sound insulation effect, especially for bedrooms that pay attention to privacy. If you use wallpaper for decoration, you don't have to worry about the walls having ears or sleeping well

8. Increase spatial changes

various colors and styles of wallpaper can produce rich spatial change effects through collocation. For example, vertical stripe patterns can increase the height of the room, and small regular patterns can increase the sense of order in the room. If decorated with belt wallpaper (or edge wallpaper), the wall can be effectively divided, thus forming a variety of spatial effects




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