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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the wardrobe board

if the wardrobe board is not selected properly, it will not only affect the quality and service life of the wardrobe, but also may affect the health of the body. Therefore, when choosing wardrobe plates, we still have to understand their differences. What's the difference between the panel of the wardrobe and the recommendation of the joining information of the overall wardrobe of eatray health home

1. Identify environmentally friendly plates

to buy a customized wardrobe, you should first see whether the merchant has a plate inspection report and relevant inspection certificates from the national authoritative inspection department

2. Look at the workmanship of plate edge banding

look at plate edge banding. There is no edge collapse around a good plate, which effectively prevents moisture in the air from invading the interior of the plate. When cutting rough plates, there is obvious edge collapse around. Some even cut corners and only seal the edge of the front side of the plate. The non edge sealing surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, causing the expansion of the plate, causing the deformation of the wardrobe and affecting the service life

3. Choose reliable boards

the surface of some miscellaneous wardrobe looks good. However, with a slight stroke of your fingernail, you can draw obvious scratches. These customized wardrobes are made of surface pasted poly paper and gorgeous paper plates that are often used in low-cost wardrobes on the market, with poor wear resistance

4. Different grades of boards are also different

look at the cut surface of the template. From the cut surface, blockboard is a two-layer or four layer veneer (there are also thickened veneers with more than four layers), which is close to the solid wood core. The cut surface of blockboard with good quality is flat and has no gap; The density board is pressed by fine fibers, which is closely combined and weighs a lot; Particleboard is a wooden granular structure, but the combination is not tight enough, the weight is light, and the poor quality can even see small pores

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