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Company introduction: puqiang decoration, founded in 1998, is a veteran decoration enterprise in China and a rare time-honored enterprise in Wuhan. Always adhere to the purpose of "building a reputation project and building a century old enterprise", and become a five-star home decoration brand integrating star design, star materials, star technology, star management and star services. It is the preferred home decoration brand of Jiangcheng middle class

of course, if you don't mind that the decoration company is too far away from the community, the optional space for Wuhan decoration company is very large. Enter http://www.whjzw.net/zrzx/zxgs1_1_3_17_22_27_ Learn more about decoration companies. The decoration bidding platform of Wuhan home decoration network can also select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure rooms for free and formulate decoration plans. You can compare them, and some decoration funds are waiting for you. See the activity page for details http://whjzw.net/zb/。





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