Several stores write legends together

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Recently, there has been a strong channel expansion storm in the southwest market. In just one month, there are eight new franchise stores nationwide, including Neijiang in Sichuan, Nanxi in Sichuan, Zizhong in Sichuan, Yanjin in Yunnan, Zhangqiu in Shandong, Xin'an in Henan, Xinyang in Henan and Liaozhong in Liaoning. This kind of channel expansion speed makes the industry peers smack, which is dingpei customized furniture

what is boosting the rapid development of dingpei? Recently, reporters went deep into dingpei factory to explore the real reasons. The reporter who entered the factory was shocked by its neat workshop and strict requirements for process details. Through in-depth communication with President Xiao, the head of dingpei, the reporter realized that President Xiao has a unique understanding of customized furniture. His more than 10 years of experience in building materials trading and unique personality charm made the reporter deeply admire President Xiao, which is also an important factor to attract a large number of dealers to follow. According to President Xiao, dingpei has reached strategic cooperation with foreign top material suppliers since its establishment, including Daya plate, German heitish hardware and German Ruihao edging belt, with a high starting point and high standard. The company spent a lot of money to buy out the unique designs and colors, making dingpei's products unique in the market. The company hired Mario Philippona, an internationally renowned designer, as the design consultant, so that the enterprise closely follows the international fashion frontier in product innovation and design. In terms of operation, dingpei has always maintained a sense of responsible management for dealers. These factors are the key factors that lead dealers to move forward

as the saying goes, "opportunities are for those who are prepared". Dingpei customized furniture has the trust and support of dealers, top-level product configuration and quality, and advanced business awareness. Success is bound to become inevitable. I believe dingpei customized furniture will bring you more surprises in the near future and truly become a banner of the customized furniture industry in the southwest market




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