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With the continuous influx of capital, the competition of all home building materials occupations is intensifying. Many companies are becoming more and more brave in this "war", but many companies are also losing. Facing the severe homogenization of shopping malls, more and more door and window enterprises began to refine technology from scratch to prepare for the war of differentiation. So, as for professional "Xiaobai", how can we win beauty? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

provide excellent and personalized services

when the homogeneity of goods among door and window enterprises is severe and it is difficult to distinguish outstanding goods, the key to the success of the competition lies in the quantity and quality of services provided by door and window enterprises. First of all, door and window enterprises should provide consumers with sincere pre-sales service, enthusiastic in-sales service and patient after-sales service, so that consumers can feel relaxed and happy before, during and after sales; Then, door and window enterprises should follow the progress of the times, constantly innovate the service system, and change the service content and mode as the needs of consumers change; Finally, door and window enterprises should highlight the differentiation of their own services, not only to provide excellent services for consumers, but also to provide personalized services, outstanding and extraordinary, attracting the presence of consumers

create new and common commodities

first, door and window enterprises can develop new commodities with new characteristics to expand sub malls based on the new commodities and enhance the competitiveness of door and window enterprises; Secondly, door and window enterprises can develop new commodities with new styles and new plans to expand sub malls based on the new commodities; Finally, door and window enterprises should stick to the commodities of a single consumption mall, but actively expand sub malls with different consumption levels, develop high-end commodities suitable for high-end consumption malls, medium-end commodities suitable for middle-end consumption malls, low-grade commodities suitable for low-end consumption malls, etc. Satisfy the commodity needs of all kinds of consumers with commodities with different characteristics, plans and spending levels

the troika drives together to depict brand image

image differentiation requests door and window enterprises to obtain competition advantages by depicting goods, companies and brand images that are different from their competitors. First of all, door and window enterprises should establish a set of unique, recognizable, beautiful and internal visual identification system, depict the brand image of door and window enterprises in the hearts of consumers, and distinguish them from other companies; Then, door and window enterprises should adopt different strategies for the image strategy of competitors and the mind of consumers, and carry out differentiated image publicity; Finally, door and window enterprises should personally create and maintain an outstanding brand image, different from other companies, and complete their own differentiated development

in today's shopping malls, the phenomenon of plagiarism and homogenization of goods is becoming more and more serious. Door and window enterprises have been burning their eyebrows in completing the strategy of production differentiation. If they want to go further, they should actively follow the three aspects of goods, services and image, and walk out of an ingenious development path, so that the company can win in the future development

2016 will usher in the spring of the door and window industry. Of course, in the sunshine, the door and window agency company needs to strengthen its own construction and make good planning to win the future





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