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The position of Taiwan machinery manufacturing in the world (Part 2)

the previous edition is used for polishing and printing in the ultraviolet region, which has great added value to commodities and magazine covers. Taiwan manufacturers are highly stable in terms of rear-end UV curing irradiation equipment, and also have a world-wide reputation. Only the drum type printing press has not yet been produced but imported from abroad. At present, it is mainly Japanese machinery. The printing press has played a great role in promoting the development of Taiwan's high-tech electronic industry, and has also opened up good markets at home and abroad and future development prospects for itself

development status of pad printing machines

most pad printing machines in Taiwan use pneumatic methods, ranging from monochrome and two-color to four-color and six color. The printing sizes also vary. They are used for industrial plane and curved surface printing, as well as electronic, automotive and instrument parts printing. Most of them are used in tensile tests of artificial wood, canvas, curtain, copper and other materials in Baling factories. Therefore, they are of high quality, durability The convenience of operation was highly praised. Most of the printing plates are etched gravure plates. In Taiwan, almost all of them use locally produced pad printing machines. Few imported pad printing machines show their market competitiveness

development status of trademark printing machine

Taiwan's trademark printing machine began with inclined tube flat pressing, and gradually developed to four-color, bronzing, nuclear film and rolling, Fu Shi and other multiple processing capabilities. Moreover, the paper movement registration was changed from digital control to photoelectric precise gauge control. The flat press has shortcomings in speed and size, and there are also improved large flat presses. In order to achieve higher production efficiency, several manufacturers are now producing in the form of roller and positioning printing with flexo on the roller, which can greatly improve the speed and accuracy

at present, there are still two different design modes, one is a mechanical sleeve to satellite mechanism, and each group of six color structure can reach up to two groups of twelve color printing. The printing accuracy depends on the precise positioning and traction of the large satellite roller surface. The other is that the printing materials and paper pieces are reciprocating, the size of the printing cylinder is fixed, and the paper pieces move forward under the traction of the cylinder body. If you want to quickly and accurately return to the neutral place behind the cylinder body, the return amount is to balance the length of the cylinder body and the shift gap of each mold printing. Therefore, paper tension and digital positioning capability constitute overprint accuracy. Therefore, under the same plate cylinder size, the precise moving distance of each printing material can be flexibly adjusted. Due to the success of digital control technology and the flexibility of printing size, four-color to six color machines are very popular. At present, these advanced trademark printing machines are well received in the local market in Taiwan and abroad, and are constantly striving to enter (2) LCD Chinese character display into the markets of advanced countries in the world. Electronic equipment can perform fault diagnosis through ISDN. Also in UV drying, nuclear film, glazing coating. Round knife rolling is very successful

in addition, the line surface film and roll forming machine can be used for printing into rolls for repeated processing to support the needs of the processing equipment printer

current situation of flexible packaging printing machines

the development of flexible packaging in Taiwan has sprouted since the 1960s. Most printing machines are mainly gravure color printing from cylinder relief and flexo. Printing machines, nuclear film, rewinding, slitting machines and post-processing bag forming machines, as well as front-end film blowing machines are all produced. However, in order to achieve high efficiency, large factories mostly use Japanese and European printing machines from the 1960s to 1980s. Since the 1990s, Taiwan's flexible packaging printing machines have made great progress. Therefore, there are two or three gravure and flexographic printing machine manufacturers. The film printing machines produced by them have replaced imported goods in China, and have been recognized by users all over the world. They have different levels for customers to choose in terms of size and efficiency, so they have won high praise in the current highly competitive society

current status of polishing and film making equipment

most of the finished product surfaces in the packaging industry need polishing or nuclear film to increase the gloss, water resistance, weather resistance and post molding strength. For this kind of polishing oil (rosin), plastic liquid and nuclear plastic film equipment, some of the plastic liquid is dried by UV, and some covers or packaging designs use fog surface film and then UV local polishing to make some parts particularly beautiful and crystal, highlighting the design points. Many manufacturers in Taiwan produce such equipment, which is very satisfactory in terms of standard and production efficiency. In addition, there is a surface paper machine for paperboard to paperboard or paperboard to corrugated, which is very useful for processing after thick box printing

development status of box rolling and pasting machine

manual vertical box rolling machine there are still a few small factories in Taiwan. Based on the consideration of safety and efficiency, Zhesheng Precision Machine Co., Ltd. has developed the paper feed and paper return Feede, which enables the automatic production of the vertical rolling box, reduces the human burden and improves the safety and production speed. In terms of small-scale and diversified processing and production, Zhesheng Precision Machine Co., Ltd. has won high praise from the third world countries. There are several high-speed flat rolling mills in Taiwan. Their quality is equivalent to that of Japan, Europe and the United States. They have more automatic control in terms of functions. New functions such as bronzing and digital control are constantly improved. 1650mm large corrugated paper mill has high interests in large markets, and Taiwan also has automatic machine production

the automatic forming box pasting machine is produced by several companies, which is very popular in terms of efficiency and accuracy, and has been greatly improved in terms of automatic control to adapt to the dual use of small quantities and various sizes of workpieces

the wet box pasting machine uses thin paper to wrap the forming equipment outside the hard board. It is also produced in Taiwan, and other sleeve forming machines are produced in small quantities

Taiwan's machinery industry and computer industry interact and reflect each other. Computer technology makes machinery more automatic, smarter and more efficient. On the contrary, the computer industry is increasingly strict in the accuracy and production capacity requirements of iccpu circuit boards, screens, envelopes, CDs, packaging and packaging, so that the machinery industry must go all out to meet the requirements. It has laid a good foundation for making lightweight electronic displays and light and thin on-board entertainment systems, Form a good external competitiveness and development capability. (end)

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