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Taiwan's photovoltaic product prices run counter to revenue

Taiwan's solar photovoltaic plants have announced their revenue in March 2012. Energytrend, a green energy analysis business under trendforce, a research institution, pointed out that in general, the impact of the U.S. photovoltaic countervailing tax rate policy, but different materials need different fixtures, which makes the recent solar photovoltaic industry highly concerned by the market. Not only did Chinese Mainland's solar PV plants once turn their OEM orders to Taiwan plants to prevent tax risks, resulting in a rise in the revenue of Taiwan plants in March, but also triggered a lot of discussions among Chinese Mainland's solar manufacturers on the issue of double anti-dumping

energytrend said that the price of solar PV products sold by solar power plants in the market this month runs counter to the manufacturer's revenue. Although the production capacity was full in February 2012, it did not continue to affect the rise in solar prices in March 2012. The main reason for the analysis is the pressure caused by the reduction of photovoltaic subsidies in Germany. In addition to the system plant, the overall price of the solar supply chain has gradually back tested the water level in the fourth quarter of 2011

energytrend research shows that although the emergency order effect caused by the German experimental speed country's subsidy reduction in April has increased the output and production rate in February, due to the deepening uncertainty of market development, manufacturers' efforts to pull goods have been reduced, and the order volume has only continued to the beginning of March. The revenue performance of this month is mainly benefited from the higher price level in March, which allows enterprises from top to bottom to take the initiative to fulfill the provisions of risk control. However, when the pore size composed of SiO2 particles in the nano porous silicon thermal insulation material is smaller than the critical size, the manufacturers' wait-and-see atmosphere is strong as the number of particles in the previous month is exhausted. In late March, there is no incentive to increase the price. In addition, in order to compete for the OEM orders of solar manufacturers in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan's solar cell and module manufacturers cut prices and compete fiercely, which has affected the quotation of solar upstream silicon wafers and polysilicon, The overall market demand is far below the performance at the end of February

looking forward to April, 2012, energytrend predicts that the market price will continue to fall. Before Italy determines the lower repair subsidy to form a rush to install, Taiwan's solar PV industry will be in a temporary downturn, and manufacturers are also conservative about the future development. In March, the revenue of Taiwan power plant increased. The battery plants xinyangli and Yujing increased by 20%, and sunico was close to 30%, while the silicon chip plant lvneng increased by 2.94%, while Zhongmei crystal increased by 18.06%

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