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Tailor made different fixture centers to coincide with the swing frame center: digital printing of European and American newspapers (Part 1)

digital printing = profit + efficiency

Jackie, the mother of two children, read the following in the subscribed local newspapers: an article on a robbery near her home, a column on how to educate children, A close-up about self-help travel in Mexico (Jackie and her family plan to go there for vacation this year). After browsing the newspaper, she immediately found the advertisements of three of her favorite stores, including the half page Macy's department store

this newspaper does not include the sports and business pages that Jackie might abandon. Every article in the newspaper catches her attention. This is because she has subscribed to a personalized newspaper. The contents of the newspaper are selected, typeset and printed by the computer according to her choice when filling in the subscription form at the newspaper station. The content option information she filled in when subscribing was added to a large database. This huge database was embedded with variable data software. This software can help the system generate newspaper pages by itself and transmit the pages to the digital printer, which is responsible for printing thousands of newspapers with different contents tailored for different subscribers

once the newspaper industry begins to consider bringing the digital printing press into the scope of vision, more comprehensive business opportunities will begin to appear. You will find the potential to issue subscriptions 9, record the required values and describe the potential opportunities for personalized publications, and the potential for accurately targeted advertising to meet the needs of subscribers. Scott shearer, market and business development manager of HP laser high-speed product solutions, said that all this can not be achieved overnight. You must stay in it and wait for the critical point before considering mass customization of personalized newspaper publishing

breakthrough direction of digital printing

2 Indication error - the difference between the recorded or displayed measured value of the sample deformation value and the actual value of the measured value. Because of the variable data performance of the digital printing machine, newspapers can create a narrower or even unique newspaper for subscribers according to the statistics of subscriber demand data. Information tide can save more than 30% energy, according to jastinhiller, a consultant of high-end companies. Shearer suggests that newspaper publishers should try to publish regional or narrower newspapers before publishing personalized newspapers. If you look at the digital printing revolution through the commercial printing market, they have also experienced the process of small print volume, narrow mass, and then personalized. He said

newspapers with a small circulation will benefit most from this. Digital printers can also be used for the printing of newspaper clip advertisements or direct delivery publications. The narrow crowd approach can also be used as a way to reach special readers, such as college students who may have moved to other media forms

some newspaper companies, including the Republic of Arizona and the local media group of the New York Times, are trying to apply digital printing to the production of marketing prints and commercial advertising prints, but they are only a minority in the newspaper industry. No matter whether digital printing can bring more revenue and advertising opportunities, most newspapers are reluctant to try

recently, the newspaper industry is focusing more on how to reduce costs rather than trying to get more revenue. Said ronsam, vice president of Manroland in North America. In 2007, MAN Roland launched colorman XXL printing machine integrating Kodak ds6240 inkjet digital printing system. This set of equipment enables users to continuously print newspapers with different contents at the speed of 90000 copies per hour, which makes it possible to further narrow the newspaper. But even so, it is not easy to sell this idea to the newspaper industry

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