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Taiwan: the spray gun was inserted into the body to inflate, causing the spray paint worker to die

Taiwan: the spray gun was inserted into the body to inflate, causing the spray paint worker to die and then starting the accounting machine to die


[news of China coating materials providing excellent product solutions for surface material customers] a worker surnamed Lin in Fangyuan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan accidentally fell from a high platform, and the spray gun was inserted into the body, causing the body to swell. After being sent to hospital, he was declared dead. The police will go to the scene today to find out the cause of death

according to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", most of the enterprises' products are concentrated in the low-end road. An accident was reported in Fangyuan Township, Changhua County on the afternoon of the 24th. A worker surnamed Lin who was painting at the construction site of hanbaocaoton section of the East-West Expressway accidentally fell from a 1m high platform. The operation and verification methods and procedures are the same. The spray gun used for painting just inserted into the worker's lower body, The spray gun injects air into the worker's body

after receiving the report, the Changhua County Fire Department sent an ambulance to send the 17-year-old worker surnamed Lin to Changbin Xiuchuan hospital for first aid. However, the worker had no signs of life before arriving at the hospital and was still declared dead after first aid

according to the preliminary investigation by the police, the worker surnamed Lin was introduced to the construction site by his relatives and friends. Today, the prosecutor of Changhua local prosecutor's office will go to the site to investigate the cause and process of the accident, and understand whether the construction unit was negligent

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