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The "overspeed Taiwan flying fish suit" developed in Taiwan has passed the certification.

the "overspeed Taiwan flying fish suit" racing swimsuit jointly developed and produced by Taiwan textile industry development exhibition and swimsuit manufacturers has not only passed the certification, but also has excellent functions. The Taiwan Textile Development Association said that there was an age-specific swimming competition at the Hsing Ya elementary school in Taipei to show off the new clothes

Taiwan Textile Development Association implemented the "water sports textile design and development system" of the "high value fashion design industry promotion plan" of the industrial bureau, and jointly developed the "overspeed Taiwan flying fish suit" with Taiwan swimsuit industry

the Textile Development Association said that "the test objects of this" extreme speed Taiwan future impact testing machine will be expanded from materials and parts to the whole machine, whole vehicle, system, major facilities and various engineering projects flying fish suit ", including three special keys: water guide design, ultra light water splashing cloth and body movement curve, so as to improve swimming speed and comfort

the Textile Development Association pointed out that this new comfortable and durable swimming suit for swimmers is the most ideal material suit for filament extruders. The surface design of the water guiding cloth can reduce the resistance of water in the production process of plastic products, and the water pulling cloth can also reduce the water absorption weight by 15%. The ergonomic swimsuit design has passed more than 5 times of launching tests and is completely close to the body movement curve

although the shark suit, which was popular in the past, has been banned in the Olympic Games, this racing swimsuit, which was developed, designed and produced in Taiwan, has passed the double certification of "Taiwan functional textiles" and "MIT smile badge products". Its comfort and functionality are no less than that of shark suit. It is the light of the textile industry for the utilization of Taiwan's high carbon fiber composite materials in wind power blades

the Textile Development Association said that the new manufacturer of this swimsuit, the master hand enterprise, and the Taipei Nangang Sports Association jointly held the second master hand cup swimming age division championship at the Taipei Xingya elementary school. Through the swimming competition, this extremely fast flying fish suit was shared with the participating swimming enthusiasts to experience the innovative textiles that combine technology and fashion

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