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Taiwan energy conservation Corporation launched multi-functional intelligent coating frozen paint

Taiwan energy conservation Corporation launched multi-functional intelligent coating frozen paint

September 5, 2016

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to solve the energy crisis, especially the energy gap in peak power consumption in summer, in addition to actively developing new renewable energy and expanding the development of low-carbon green energy, if we can start from saving electricity at the same time, It will effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient power supply during peak periods. Since air conditioning accounts for a very high proportion of building energy consumption, the "power saving" of air conditioning energy consumption of existing buildings caused by reducing solar heat may be more effective than the government's efforts to promote the construction of PV solar panels for "power generation"

coating new intelligent coatings to improve or enhance the thermal insulation efficiency of roofs or exterior walls of existing buildings can not only be the primary entry point for the industry and the public in promoting power saving. The specification of the universal tensile testing machine is expressed by the combination of the maximum load that the equipment can not reach the rated load and the maximum load of the bearing unit, which is also worth the reference of relevant government departments

lvyumei, chairman of Taiwan Zhanxi international energy conservation Co., Ltd., who has a professional architectural background, said that he, together with the owner, architects, engineers and relevant personnel, experienced several cold seasons in the summer of 2011, which also produced a 100% environment-friendly shell with difficult heat dissipation and sweating site Conference (Industrial fans indoors and sunshades outdoors). After that, the company immediately put into research and development, which has excellent heat insulation, waterproof, rust prevention It is a multifunctional intelligent coating that can resist pollution and protect the surface materials of building materials, resulting in twists and turns of the screw, and finally launched a new product - frozen paint. This product uses light reflection and heat insulation technology to deal with the urban heat island effect, provides a simple solution for the public and the industry to deal with the high-temperature environment, and reduces the power consumption of existing air conditioners

lvyumei pointed out that according to the relevant SGS test, the frozen paint has an ultra-high Sri solar reflection index, up to 99%, which can prevent the building from accumulating heat, so that the building does not absorb heat during the day, and no heat energy will be released from the building at night. This can effectively suppress the urban heat island effect, not only provide a more comfortable living and working environment for the building itself and its surrounding neighbors, but also reduce the burden of air conditioning. Generally, more than 40% of the electricity expenses for air conditioning can be saved (the electricity expenses saved vary according to different temperature environments; the higher the temperature in the atmosphere or the original environment, the greater the cooling degree after coating the frozen paint, and the more electricity expenses can be saved)

the frozen paint has obtained a number of certifications. It is a water-based, environment-friendly, non-toxic and heavy metal free nano thermal insulation coating. It is simple to construct and can protect buildings. It is widely used for coating a variety of building materials. It is suitable for people's livelihood, industry and commerce, transportation and storage

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