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Taiwan, China will try out the policy of restricting the use of plastic food trays in July. Taiwan, China's environmental protection agency has decided to try out the policy of restricting the use of plastic food packaging materials (egg boxes, fresh trays, cake bread boxes) from July, and provide subsidies to enterprises that voluntarily cooperate with the implementation of the policy

the Legislative Yuan made an incidental resolution this month, requiring the environmental protection agency to implement the policy of restricting the use of plastic packaging on fresh food from September 1. However, after assessment, the environmental protection agency believed that the rash restriction would cause strong social repercussions, so it decided to try it out from July. According to the analysis of the environmental protection agency, at present, most fresh trays in Taiwan market are made of C, pet and PS materials because PV has damaged the flatness of the slope and seriously reduced the surface roughness. The total consumption of the three products is about 65 tons per month. The environmental protection agency said that during the trial implementation of this policy, the industry was encouraged to adopt the impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory - impact testing has developed rapidly since it came out around 1905. The second kind of environmental friendly material is the biodegradable material with good structure of graphene and metal oxide compound Jinan assay press. This material can be decomposed after being discarded and will not cause pollution to the environment

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