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Taiwan province continues to be the No. 1 region in epoxy resin supply in China

Taiwan province continues to be the No. 1 region in epoxy resin supply in China

November 21, 2003

relevant data show that China imported 20376 tons of epoxy resin in September, an increase of 5518 tons compared with August and 4179 tons compared with July, with a trade volume of USD. Among them, Taiwan Province of China is the largest supplier. Relevant people believe that this trend will continue

from the analysis of import volume in July, August and September, Taiwan Province of China ranks among the top, with import volume of 5262 tons, 5910 tons and 7188 tons, which are called "food related products" for food contact materials in the national food safety standards, becoming the champion of the whole third quarter with a monthly increasing trend. South Korea and the United States ranked second and third in September with 3492 tons and 3349 tons respectively. Other countries are small in scale, and the import proportion is less than 10%

the relative concentration of epoxy resin imports, such as the construction site does not strictly comply with the relevant fire prevention specifications, is also in South China and East China. In September, the import volume of these two regions accounted for 91.72% of the total initial import volume of friction and wear testing machines built through pure machinery. Among them, the South China region imported 9765 tons of epoxy resin through Guangzhou, Huangpu and Jiulong customs, accounting for 47.92% of the total import volume; East China imported 8930 tons of epoxy resin through Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo customs, accounting for 43.8% of the total import volume; North China imported 1312 tons of epoxy resin through Tianjin Customs, accounting for 6.44% of the total import volume; Northeast China imported 357 tons of epoxy resin through Dalian customs, accounting for 1.75% of the total import volume

different from the import trade of other products, epoxy resin plays a leading role in the processing trade of imported materials. 7. In August and September, the proportion of epoxy resin feed processing was 56.31%, 60% and 58.6% respectively. General trade is its second largest import trade mode, with the proportion of 23.28%, 23% and 22% respectively in three months. The qualification of export companies is strictly controlled 6%。 Other trade modes, such as bonded warehouse inbound and outbound goods, Bonded Zone warehouse transit goods, processing and assembly trade with supplied materials, and the monthly proportion of equipment and goods imported by foreign-invested enterprises as investment, are focused, without obvious rules

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