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Taiwan will hold a conference on the release and application of precision machinery information and communication standards

intelligent service value-added of machine tools (machine tools) has always been the focus of the development of international machine tool manufacturers, adding value and competitiveness to machines through intelligent functions and real-time after-sales service. The intelligent service value-added of machine tools (machine tools) has always been the focus of the development of international machine tool manufacturers. Through intelligent functions and real-time after-sales service, it adds value and competitiveness to machines. However, it is difficult to load the technology and subsequent operation and maintenance costs in the field of cross capital communication; In addition, because the key to intelligence lies in the transparency of information, domestic manufacturers use different machine controllers, which also makes it difficult for customers to widely use the developed intelligent functions on different machines and controllers. Therefore, in the development of intelligence and value-added service sales, a significant technological breakthrough is still needed

the publication of the communication standard for precision tools and machine resources has opened a new vision for Taiwan's independent research and development of value-added services

in the past, when developers developed intelligent application services (such as tool management), they had to develop and rewrite them separately between different brands and even different models of the same brand, resulting in the R & D personnel having to maintain multiple systems at the same time, thus reducing the energy of R & D personnel. It is not uncommon for tool machine users to have multiple brands of machines and controllers in the factory at the same time. However, in order to provide a simple application service (such as calculation of production rate), they must purchase multiple software, adapt to different logics and maintain different systems at the same time, which often makes users retreat directly. This issue also plagues both the supplier and the demander of application services, which is bound to need to be solved immediately

the research and development plan of precision tool and machine information communication standards and value-added service platform of the Technology Department of the Ministry of economic affairs aims to solve the above-mentioned difficulties in the research and development of intelligent application services, so that by formulating the exchange standards and formats of tool and machine information communication, tool and machine manufacturers can help develop intelligent application services without worrying about their scope of application. Using the same development language and a common translator, the application service orientation can be applied to different tool machine controllers

the manufacturers invited in this conference come from various types of industries related to tool machines, including tool machine factories, tool machine special controller factories, aerospace parts and components factories. Otherwise, they will damage machines and user parts factories, steam turbine and vehicle parts and components factories, mold factories, power machinery factories, electronic motors and software system integrators. The purpose is to hope to be among the manufacturers in the value chain of intelligent application services, Through this conference, we can know that the era of cross domain integrated operation has come. As a result of the research and development of this information communication standard, the data acquisition and writing standards for 8 domestic common tool machine special controllers have been preliminarily established. After the optimization of the language architecture, the development time can be significantly reduced by 69%, and the transmission speed is faster than mtconnect developed by the American tool machine Association, which can achieve a more difficult effect in real-time monitoring and control applications

in order to make the information and communication standards available to Taiwanese manufacturers more quickly, the plan has also completed the "tool machine service operation research center". This is a platform set up by the information policy committee. Its function is to enable tool machine manufacturers to have common development tools and execution platforms, and also to make tool machines, especially those with an increasing demand for microfiber PU leather, use intelligent application services. When tool machine manufacturers develop their own innovative application services, they can use the platform for 8 kinds of controller data acquisition, software development kit (SDK) and execution platform. By developing application services step by step, they can support 8 kinds of controllers, and operate and maintain through the platform, so that tool machine manufacturers do not have to worry about integrating cross domain knowledge, but only need to focus on developing featured Differentiated intelligent application services are enough, and the rest are handed over to the tool machine service center of the capital strategy committee to assist in maintenance. At present, the platform has completed the concept verification phase, and the tool machine manufacturers can apply to the capital strategy committee for an account for free trial

information infrastructure and key technologies create a new Bureau of industrial service

the Technology Department of the Ministry of economic affairs entrusts the capital policy committee to develop tools ① for the research and development plan of precision tools, machinery and capital communication standards and value-added service platform For common metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture directly contacts with the sample. The service operation research center is mainly to set up a set of information communication standards for tool machine controllers, research and develop tool machine controller data extractors, and establish a set of application service development tool sets and information platforms, so that tool machine manufacturers and even researchers in academic units can develop, pay and store characteristic intelligent application services

academic institutions and manufacturers using the standard to develop intelligent application services were also invited to present their R & D achievements and products, including the "cloud digital factory" of Taichung precision machinery factory to solve the problems of production management and after-sales service of customer tools; In Zhongyuan University, Professor wangshiming researched and developed various intelligent applications, and introduced the remarkable social benefits to both egma technology and Dali machinery; The tool machine center of Chung Cheng University demonstrated its practice of 5-axis 3D anti-collision detection and rigid tapping learning control

at present, this research and development achievement has been used by Zhongyuan University, Taichung precision machinery factory, fade technology, egma technology, Dali machinery and other institutions, and the research and development and operation achievements have been displayed in this year's Taiji international tool machine exhibition. Following the release of the intelligent service box for tool machines in 2010, Taichung precision machinery factory has further developed the factory intelligent management system to present the working efficiency of machines in various production lines in great detail; Fade technology and egma technology demonstrated the remote machine monitoring system and the remote PLC ladder diagram monitoring system, which can accurately detect the problem of the circuit signal of the tool machine and demonstrate the excellent after-sales service efficiency; Zhongyuan University cooperated with Dali machinery to display a number of application services. It is obvious that the tool machine service operation research center has been gradually accepted by the industry and used by academic institutions to develop various application services. In the future, Taiwan's local machine tool intelligent service era will be accelerated due to the development and promotion of the machine tool service operation research center, so as to enhance the differentiated competitive advantage of the domestic machine tool

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