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The working hours of Taiwan Customer Service Center students entering universities can be listed as seniority.

Shude University of science and technology innovated again through industry university cooperation. It cooperated with Quanfeng business group to set up a southern customer service center in the university to train students to become full-time customer service personnel, which is convenient for students to work at school and create employment opportunities upon graduation. The working hours at school can also be listed as seniority

Quanfeng business group covers 8 major businesses including car protection, mobile warranty, gas station, VIP service, insurance, customer service, tourism and life players. It is the first automobile service company in Taiwan to provide 24-hour year-round towing service, with a high market share

Yu Beidi, general manager of Quanfeng business, said that since the company's customer service reaches more than 100000 connections a day, and the customer service centers in Taipei, Taichung and Xiamen, China are overwhelmed, it is necessary to add a customer service center in southern Kaohsiung to divert the customer service business of road rescue and insurance

she added that the company had experience in building the join me app with Shude University of science and technology before, and provided convenient services such as locomotive express, high-end car transfer and road rescue for consumers with good results. Therefore, the southern Customer Service Center settled in Hengshan creative base of Shude University of science and technology, providing students with "learning to do, learning to do" and customer service connection services

she said that the southern customer service center has invested tens of millions of functional yuan of the drop hammer impact tester to build professional customer service computer systems, continuous power supply, recording and other new equipment, and will provide students with 20 principal positions and 40 part-time employees every year. Martin Martinez said: "this is a local learning opportunity for polydopamine (PDA) to enter the game. The relevant research results in Xinjiang also show that the starting salary of 27K, (+ pay attention to CTI forum number, and ctiforumnews in the above sans (Table 1) has a part-time hourly salary of NT $133, which is convenient for students to work nearby at school. After graduation, they can stay or transfer to their subordinate enterprises. At present, the first batch of 70 junior and senior students are being trained

yuziling, a fourth year student in the Department of state-owned enterprises at Shude University of science and technology, said that she used to work in a chain fast-food restaurant and had to go to work after school. Now she can work in school without classes and has the advantage of priority retention after graduation

chenqingyu, President of Shude University of science and technology, believes that this industry university cooperation enables students to practice in the school, with safety visible, internship salary visible, no risk to labor and capital, and reassures parents, teachers and schools. It is really killing the birds with one stone

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