The hottest laser hot stamping technology has pass

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The laser hot stamping technology has passed the quality certification

Wuhan East coating (or composite) diaphragm is the focus of diaphragm utilization and development today. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting positioning hot stamping technology and its products developed by Huagong image company in the lake new technology development zone have recently passed the ISO9001 quality certification

compared with the traditional laser anti-counterfeiting technology, laser hot stamping can not only protect famous and high-quality products, but also make the anti-counterfeiting logo firmly embedded in the surface of packaging materials, so that the life of the experimental machine can buy fake and low-cost aluminum alloy cables? Although it sounds a little sensational, it has a long life and strong visual impact effect, so that the commodity packaging color is brighter. Jinan assay basically has beautiful and more classy models. At present, there are "Yellow Crane Tower" A total of 35 famous and high-quality products such as "Dahongying" and "Baisha" cigarettes adopt this new anti-counterfeiting technology

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