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From the current situation and trend, Baijiu paper packaging is mostly bottle stickers and wine boxes, and laser holographic materials are used, with a good development momentum

1. Baijiu packaging boxes

Baijiu packaging boxes are obviously in a weak position in the use of expensive anti-counterfeiting materials due to their large volume. They can use small-area laser holographic anodized foil

2. Wine label

4 After sales: as a trademark, its characteristics are determined by its function and form. The rich information contained must be expressed concisely in a relatively small space. Therefore, the selection range of laser holographic materials in trademark design is relatively wide, and laser holographic characters and patterns can be made by laser all information electrochemical aluminum self-adhesive label, laser holographic electrochemical aluminum hot stamping box, laser holographic paper or other methods

3. Wine box packaging wine box packaging needs to show a relatively large visual space, and needs to express the rich cultural connotation of Baijiu products through packaging

. From the current situation, most wine box packaging products use laser holographic anodized foil for anti-counterfeiting and decoration, and few products use laser holographic paper as the printing carrier, which mainly depends on the overall planning requirements of Baijiu brand, and also depends on the overall framework of wine box packaging color, pattern and text in the development and design stage

according to the output, the label can be formed at one time through the processing of incoming materials or the combination of printing, hot stamping, embossing, die cutting and other processes. When choosing laser holographic paper as a new high-tech material for packaging products, we should master its basic characteristics and printability, so that we can effectively control the quality of production

for packaging products using laser holographic paper, data-based and standardized management must be carried out from the beginning of material entering the factory. When materials or semi-finished products are in storage and standby, the ambient temperature and humidity should be stable within a certain range

when printing, we should also master the inking ability of the facial mask layer of the laser holographic material, and control the adhesion between the ink and the material film surface according to different ink characteristics, as well as the friction resistance of the ink after curing or drying

when the color surface of the wine box is mounted against the lining, the pH value of the adhesive and the drying time of the semi-finished product after being pasted should be controlled to avoid direct impact on the color surface. As the surface facial mask layer of laser holographic material that restricts all links after printing, its surface tension can be measured by testing instruments or other methods. It must meet the specified requirements to meet the needs of post printing processes such as embossing, die cutting, box pasting, etc. If there is a problem with the material control, the facial mask layer on the material surface will break when pressing concave convex or die-cutting indentation. If a large number of semi-finished products have better prospects for the country at the same time, and the plan is already in standby mode, the depth of concave convex pressing can be reduced, and the technical parameters of the indentation line of the die-cutting plate and the bottom mold of PM corrugated board edge pressing strength (n/m) can be changed to relieve the pressure of the film layer

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