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Las Vegas exhibition highlights: case Tier 4 final 821f, 921f wheel loaders

Las Vegas exhibition highlights: case Tier 4 final 821f, 921f wheel loaders

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Guide: case construction machinery launched its new products at the Las Vegas Exhibition: 821f, 921f wheel loaders, which have met the ultimate four stage emission standard of the United States (Tier 4 final). Each equipment is equipped with selective catalytic reduction technology (SCR), which uses diesel exhaust treatment fluid (DEF) to treat emissions separately

the new products launched by case engineering machinery at the Las Vegas Exhibition: 821f and 921f wheel loaders have met the American ultimate four stage emission standard (Tier 4 final). Each equipment is equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which uses diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid (DEF) to treat the exhaust gas independently, and the exhaust gas does not need to be recycled by the engine. This optimizes combustion and machine performance, reduces engine temperature, eliminates maintenance and downtime associated with filter replacement and regeneration, and helps reduce fuel consumption. All these advantages can be realized through excellent throttle response, unrestricted horsepower and strong digging force, so as to improve the profitability and achieve the best productivity in the application of wheel loaders

"case took the lead in applying SCR technology to the equipment of Tier 4 interim because the engine in the normal working cycle needs wheel loaders with different loads." Philippe Bisson, brand marketing manager of case construction machinery, said. "Case's latest wheel loader makes us ahead of other brands. We should first make technical preparations before the upcoming implementation of Tier 4 final regulations."

each of the latest case wheel loaders has the best horsepower, and can obtain fast throttle response and excellent torque performance. 821f and 921f wheel loaders can reach 212 and 241 net peak horsepower (158 and 180 kW), respectively. The bucket capacity of 821f is 3.2 to 4.5 cubic yards (2.4 to 3.4 cubic meters), and that of 921f is 3.8 to 4.75 cubic yards (2.3 to 3.6 cubic meters)

higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and the longest normal operation time

compared with previous E-Series models, the fuel economy of F-series equipment can be improved by up to 10%. And each model has a standard engine shutdown function, allowing the operator to limit the idle time of the engine, which can also bring up to 30% fuel savings. The optional performance package can further save fuel through five speed locking transmission, automatic locking differential shaft and advanced system programming

scr technology

most case wheel loaders use SCR technology to not only meet Tier 4 final emissions, but also optimize combustion, which has achieved higher fuel economy and peak horsepower, which are regarded as official delivery. In addition, case 721f wheel loader can also be equipped with additional protective and cooling suits, so it is particularly useful in waste gas treatment and agricultural applications. The SCR only method adopted by the 821f and 921f wheel loaders also helps to increase the normal operation time of the machine. Using this method, the regeneration of diesel and one 10000 grade clean room oil particulate filter (DPF) producing natvar pharmaceutical grade pipeline can be completed without manual mode, and the shutdown events that may occur due to the use of cooling exhaust gas recirculation (cegr) technology can be eliminated

long term maintenance costs can be reduced by using an aftertreatment system with few components and without the use of recirculation equipment or diesel particulate filters. In addition, SCR can also extend the maintenance cycle, because the lower ambient temperature can slow down the deterioration rate of lubricating oil

achieve the best productivity through careful design

similar to previous models, 821f and 921f wheel loaders adopt powerful and responsive hydraulic systems and integrate multiple functions to further improve the productivity of the machine. These include:

1 Four programmable power modes allow the user to match the machine output with available engine power

2. The heavy-duty axle adopts self-locking front-end and open rear-end differential, which can obtain the best traction under almost all conditions, including non compacted ground such as gravel. This axle design also helps reduce tire wear, especially on hard ground. Solid tires can also be selected for similar applications such as waste transfer stations

3. The optional five speed transmission with locking torque converter can improve the road speed and acceleration and shorten the cycle time. This transmission has the function of case power inch, which enables the operator to achieve the target quickly and accurately at any engine speed. It also ensures that even on steep slopes, there will be no retreat, and the truck can be dumped more easily and quickly. The standard four speed transmission with the function of quick step downshift can obtain the maximum traction and improve the penetration ability of the bucket

Honeywell spectranbsp; SHIELDreg; Bulletproof materials provide military protection 4 In order to ensure operator comfort and help improve productivity, the 821f and 921f wheel loaders are equipped with a fully automatic temperature control cab, and the award-winning joystick is switched to a relatively inexpensive unit ε- Caprolactone( ε- CL) directly through open-loop polymerization to get the option and available two-stage hydraulic control system. The full view window from the floor to the roof ensures excellent visibility and can see the edge of the bucket or the end of the forklift. All maintenance points on the whole machine can be grouped and positioned locally for easy maintenance

in order to obtain higher versatility and efficiency, the 821f can be configured with XT (tool rack), while the 821f and 921f can be configured with XR (extended range)

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