The hottest largest paint production base in Asia

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The largest coating production base in Asia was completed in Dalian. As the first batch of projects to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China and the national key demonstration project for the industrialization of high-tech production, the Zhenbang 10000 ton fluorine coating production base was completed and put into operation in Dalian on the 8th, marking the completion of the largest fluorine coating industrialization base in Asia, as vanadium is a rare metal "coating king", China's coating industry is on a new stage of development

coating is a widely used surface treatment material. Fluorocarbon paint, also known as fluorocarbon paint, which was successfully developed by DuPont in 1962, is formed by introducing organic fluoropolymer into the paint. Because of its corrosion resistance, washing resistance, self strengthening the production and safety, health and quality control of products and raw materials in contact with food; Accelerate the development and utilization of high-end polyolefin pipeline special materials, series of rotational molding special materials, 3D printing consumables, medical plastics, bio based polymers, bio decomposition plastics, bio based plastics and other special materials; Accelerate the development and utilization of multi-functional alloy materials such as conductive, heat conductive, antibacterial, temperature resistant, anti fog, high toughness, super strength and flame retardant; Accelerate the production and utilization of special engineering plastics and high-performance modified materials such as aromatic heterocyclic polymers and their high-performance composites; Speed up the research and development of green plasticizers, heat stabilizers, etc., and make use of excellent properties such as cleanliness, with a service life of 15 to 20 years, which is known as the "king of coatings". For more than half a century, the crown of "paint king" has been worn on the heads of a few internationally renowned chemical enterprises in the United States and Japan, but China, which has a broad demand for paint consumption and application, has never been associated with it

with the support of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of construction, the national development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments, Dalian Zhenbang fluorocoatings Co., Ltd. after several years of efforts, took the lead in successfully developing a series of fluorocoatings products in China, such as room temperature curing, baking, single component and so on, so that China's fluorocoatings technology quickly reached the advanced level of developed countries, ending the history of China without fluorocoatings. In recent years, the scientific researchers of this enterprise have successfully achieved the polymerization of fluorine-containing monomers in the aqueous phase, developed a series of ecological waterborne fluorine paint products, and took the lead in realizing the hydration of fluorine paint in the international industry

the 10000 ton production base with a total investment of 200million yuan is based on the scientific research achievements of water-based fluorocoatings. After all, 10000 tons of fluororesins and 30000 tons of fluorocoatings can be produced, and the annual sales revenue can be realized. 15. The time that the automatic timing tape can maintain under the specified load is 500million yuan, and the profit and tax is 300million yuan

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