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ABB robotics' largest partner seminar was successfully held in Shanghai

the two-day ABB robotics' Third Asian partner day was successfully concluded in Shanghai. This annual symposium is an unprecedented event. It is the largest conference since the implementation of ABB Robot partner program. At the same time, abb automation world activities in China will be held. More than 400 partners from more than 20 countries including China, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Australia participated in the event. Ulrich spiesshofer, executive vice president of ABB group and head of discrete automation and motion control department, and Mr. Kim Sili, global head of ABB robotics department, also attended the event

Mr. Ulrich spiesshofer, executive vice president of ABB group and head of discrete automation and motion control department, stressed the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation, especially in China and Asia. And the method of continuously improving the toughness of carbon fiber/epoxy resin prepreg has been difficult to meet the requirements of high damage tolerance. ABB Robot is proud that its global business headquarters is located in Shanghai

Jin Sili, global head of ABB robotics department, used vivid examples to illustrate how enterprises rely on technological and commercial innovation to continue to seek development, and how abb and its partners use mature solutions across industries to achieve win-win results. He also strongly appealed to all guests to contribute to raising the quality of work in Asia in a new period that he is bound to usher in, and liberate the labor force from boring, dirty and dangerous work

Oliver cafmeyer, head of ABB robotics' global partner program, explained the importance of ABB's tiered partner program, as well as the value and benefits that cooperation can produce

more than 400 guests visited the robot on-site demonstration

a total of 13 robot on-site demonstrations and 10 technical special lectures were arranged in this activity. The development and exploration of partners from technology, products to market has been carried out in a deep and high-end way, which has naturally become the discussion and exchange of the key development goals of the film blowing machine industry in the future

in order to enhance the communication between partners and abb, this activity provides an opportunity for abb to listen to the opinions and suggestions of partners; In addition, this event also built a cooperation platform for participants. In the rapidly changing Asian market, the importance of cooperation is becoming increasingly prominent

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