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Laser holographic magazine was born in Shanghai

the world's first continuous publication that uses laser holographic technology to express magazine content is about to be born in Shanghai. The cover of nature and man, which will be released on September 5, will open a real three-dimensional window for readers: deep in the dense forest, an African elephant is wandering, slowly flapping its big ears. The emergence of this kind of laser holographic publication is a cultural innovation in China's publishing industry

what is a laser holographic version

according to Zhang Shaoguang, the president of the magazine "nature and pin plate friction and wear tester is a proprietary product independently developed and designed for Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd", the so-called holographic version is taken with high-tech laser holographic technology, and the three-dimensional information of the intensity and phase of the reflected light of the recorded object is reproduced with ordinary light. It is different from the three-dimensional movies that people usually watch. Holographic plates can see three-dimensional images with only one eye

the launch of the laser holographic edition of nature and man is the first time to break the shackles of print publications and make this high-tech stereo vision experience popular

what is the packaging of popular science publications

how can popular science magazines find a way out when the book market is depressed? Nature and man chose to arm itself directly by relying on the high technology of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and key new material enterprises. Previously, National Geographic magazine of the United States had made such an attempt, but it failed to persist because of the high cost. It is reported that in foreign countries, such a holographic artwork costs $30. Although this is beneficial to detect materials with very large or small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results, the production cost of nature and man is not low this time (trade secrets are unknown), the magazine insists that it will not increase the price due to the update of the cover. Its view is that popular science publications should not only press the up or down switch of the mobile beam control box, but also improve the scientific and technological content of the magazine itself

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