The hottest n-butanol market atmosphere is slightl

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The market atmosphere of n-butanol is slightly active, and the price is mainly stable

on November 3, the market atmosphere of n-butanol is slightly active, and the price is mainly stable. Mainly due to the purchase of some small enterprises in the downstream market. However, the market can also improve and improve the qualification rate of products. The market is short of supply. Some traders are unwilling to reduce the price and ship goods because of the high cost of goods in their hands. They have the intention of supporting the price to enhance the momentum of development. Major domestic manufacturers cut prices, and the downstream market is slightly weak, making downstream buyers more bearish about the future. There is still a certain gap in the market trading intention. Transactions are rare, and traders have chosen to leave the market to wait and see. However, compared with the purchasing power and intention of downstream, butanol is still running at a high level. Due to the recent difficulties of manufacturers in shipping and the increase in inventory compared with the previous period, it is expected that there is still room for profit in the transaction to ensure smooth shipping. It is expected that butanol will continue to soften slightly in the short term, and there are few positive factors in the market. There are 722 new material enterprises in Shandong Province

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