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Nabisco snack Biscuits (four flavors gift bag) packaging box

Graphic international packaging company provides a carton suitable for club storage for Nabisco snack Biscuits (four flavors gift bag) produced by Kraft food company on the whole. There are eight independent cylindrical packages in the box, which contain four different flavors of biscuits. In the spring of 2005, this club packaging carton made of composipac Z-type corrugated board was first introduced. It first reverse gravure and aluminize polypropylene film, and then composite it onto 24 point CCUs (single unbleached sulfate coated with kaolin) paperboard. Andrew Johnson, senior marketing manager of graphic international packaging, recalled, "Kraft hopes to design an excellent high value-added Club packaging for its high-end products sold in the club." Therefore, chuck Tarlton of Marietta, Georgia, designed this carton, which has the function of automatic stacking, can be transported directly without additional transportation packaging, and has a good display and publicity effect. 16 point's CCUs paperboard enhances the strength of z-corrugated paperboard in 2016, thus ensuring that two pallets can be stacked together for transportation in the supply chain. Other structural designs (such as bonding the edge notch of the glue seam and the notch of the glue groove on the dust flap) help to better use the storage space and improve the machinability. This kind of box can be packed on the existing filling equipment

the judges believed that this package was excellent in both appearance and processability, and the aluminized film played a role in enriching the image effect. The jury agreed that this package gave the product a high-end, high-quality feeling in the market competition. A judge commented, "the purpose of packaging is to sell. This packaging has spent a lot of effort on the introduction of QS certification products' realizing all the functions of packaging without using secondary packaging '."

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