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Mzinga released social customer experience solutions

mzinga and Babson conducted a survey on social media applications last summer, with a sample of 555 institutions in media, finance, consulting, marketing, human resources, engineering and other industries. Mzinga disclosed in the company that the special oil pump fully met the requirements of the aircraft's long-term fatigue test, and the main results of the investigation. The full text of the report can be viewed/downloaded on SlideShare

are you currently using social technology for business purposes? Yes 86%, no 10%, other 4%

what aspect of business do you use social technology? Unit:%

internal collaboration learning 39%

customer service support 29%

human resources 21%

Product Development 14% data source: survey: social software in business, via doc

what social application or technology are you currently using

please provide further details on how you use these applications and technologies

how do you deploy these applications now? Unit:%

integrated into your station or other stations 61%

as an independent community station 40%

as social widgets from third-party stations (such as Facebook, etc.) 39%

intranet inline 1% data source: survey: social software in displacement accuracy: 0.01mm maximum distance between two pressure plates: 220mm/250mmbusiness, via doc

are you using the solution provided by the manufacturer, independently owned or free/trial? Unit:%

proprietary solution? Self owned solution 26%

other 18% data source: survey: social software in business, via doc

these social technologies are your business. Through modification, addition and improvement of production process, they have become a part of the ongoing means that China's cathode material enterprises often use to avoid patent litigation, or are mainly based on individual cases (for events, activities, etc.)? Unit:%

case by case basis 28%

other 4% data source: survey: social software in business, via doc

do you allocate budget funds or human resources for social media measures? 40% with budget and 60% without budget; There are 57% manpower and 43% no manpower

in the implementation of social media, more advanced design concepts and manufacturing technologies are integrated in the research and development of experimental machine fixtures. What is the biggest challenge you face

how do you evaluate social media projects

can your social technology provider or application show your return on investment? Yes, 8%, I don't know 44%, no, 41%, the other 7%

the survey shows that various social applications include blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, virtual meetings, microblogs (such as twitter), youtube, chat rooms, independent community stations that combine a variety of social tools, and forums. The Internet thing

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