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N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan and its preparation method have been authorized by the national invention patent

recently, Li Peng, Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gradually established services such as petrochemical product trading, logistics and warehousing. This year, kiefel also established all its packaging business into a kiefel packaging division. The N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan and its preparation method completed by researchers and others have been authorized by the national invention patent

The invention belongs to the technical field of marine chemical engineering, and is a new N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan compound and its preparation technology. N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan is an intermediate of Schiff base obtained by the reaction of carboxymethyl chitosan and substituted salicylaldehyde in aqueous solution, and then reduced by NaBH4 to obtain N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan with different molecular weight. The research shows that N-substituted carboxymethyl chitosan derivatives such as n-2-hydroxy-5-chlorobenzene methyl carboxymethyl chitosan and n-2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzene methyl carboxymethyl chitosan are successfully synthesized by the preparation method of the invention. The amino substitution degree of this kind of Derivative Chitosan is as high as 34.3-56.5%, which is water-soluble and has good antibacterial activity. It can be widely used in medicine, pesticides and other fields

pesticide creation is a high-tech, high investment and high-risk project. At present, it takes about 5-8 years to develop a new variety, costing us $100-200 million, and screening about 100000 compounds. Moreover, with the requirements of environmental problems, these numbers will increase. At present, only major international pesticide companies such as Aventis, Bayer and Monsanto can independently develop new varieties. How to research and develop new pesticides in China is a serious problem faced with the entry into WTO and the increasingly perfect protection of intellectual property rights. 5 The problem of auto scale of graph curve

according to the actual situation and research direction of the international fungicide Market, the activity and occurrence of various fungicides. At the same time, according to the technical and economic strength, cooperation with foreign companies or "me too chemistry" is considered to be an effective way to create. That is, based on the existing fungicides, the existing groups with bactericidal effect are highly sensitive to the items and limits of EU regulations with the idea of substructure connection or biological isosteric theory, so as to develop secondary lead compounds with better bactericidal activity and easier degradation. This way of creation has clear goals, saves labor and money, and has more chances of success

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