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Mycomm community call center solution

I. system introduction

the demand of modern society for community service construction is multifaceted, ranging from simple social welfare, such as elderly relief, medical stations, etc., to convenience services, such as community housekeeping services, water and electricity maintenance, etc., as well as community value-added services, such as cultural and entertainment services, information consulting services, residents' health services, residents' complaints, suggestions, etc

the civil affairs community service center uses CTI technology, network technology, database technology, web technology and a variety of access methods: pager, fax, Internet, mobile Internet, etc., to provide convenient and high-quality community services for the majority of residents

Security Assistance Service: as a part of the service, residents' life safety and public security management are the first tasks to be completed by the community call center. When there is a dispute in the community but the profit is high, residents can call the community call center, and the community call center will timely notify the service personnel and security personnel with the amplitude of max:100mm in the community. At the same time, the call center can also automatically notify the relevant personnel designated by the user in advance through the outgoing server

family medical services: when residents need medical services, they can immediately notify the emergency center and medical staff through the community call center for emergency assistance, and can provide the details of patients to the emergency center in time, and automatically notify relevant family members or relatives and friends

community housekeeping services: by contacting the community call center and registering in the center, users can request various family services, including family sickbeds, family meals, family timekeeping, preferential consumption and distribution, family agents, family facility maintenance, family travel, family shopping, family entertainment, and expert services

reservation service: the community call center establishes real-time database wide contact with railway, aviation, shipping, catering, service and other departments. Users can book tickets, meals, reservation services, etc. through the community call center, which is convenient for users to live and travel

residents' Complaint Service: through the community call center, we can make the fastest response to users' complaints and provide the best service, solve problems for the people, bring great convenience to people's life, serve community residents in a newer and more advanced way, and create a new community networking service model

residents' suggestion service: through the community call center, you can make the fastest response to user suggestions, provide the best service, solve problems for the people, bring great convenience to people's life, serve community residents in a newer and more advanced way, and create a new community networking service mode

manual complaint service: the agent can accept user complaints and transfer them to the corresponding department for processing. The agent can also access the historical records stored in the database and master relevant information in time

automatic recording: 4 hours of automatic recording of seats and seat calls, and the recording files can be queried, played, backed up, deleted and other operations

monitoring management: the agent monitors the working status of each agent in real time

statistical analysis: the statistical function includes the statistics of the number of calls from customers and the service of the seats of various business groups

control: the seat should have the functions of answering, transferring, dialing, hanging up and grabbing

system authority: realize the hierarchical management function of system operator super user

II. Functional features

1. Improve community service level and shorten service response time

2. It can solve many livelihood problems

3. It can listen to the opinions or complaints of the public

4. To ensure that the confidential information of the government is not leaked, and the confidentiality is relatively high

III. scope of application

urban and rural communities (cities/districts, streets/towns, communities/villages)

IV. successful cases

community services in 16 districts and counties of Beijing

community call center in Yunyan District of Guiyang

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