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Precautions for supermarket fire prevention

large supermarkets need to check the following points: the city is a public place where people gather, and perfect fire prevention measures are of great significance to ensure the normal operation of supermarkets and the safety of customers' lives and property

the fire prevention focus of large supermarkets should grasp the source, do a good job in the basic work, and start from the following aspects:

(I) ensure the area of personnel passage and safe evacuation passage. The results of near-infrared screening analysis of supermarket business hall as the first public level show that the near-infrared qualitative analysis model can be used to identify recycled plastic places, and the area required by customer flow should be fully considered. At present, there is no clear specification in China, but according to the actual situation and referring to foreign experience, the proportion of public area occupied by shelves and people is: comprehensive large supermarkets or multi-storey supermarkets are generally not less than 1:1.5; The minimum for smaller supermarkets is not less than 1:1. The public area occupied by the flow of people shall not be less than 0.4 square meters per capita according to the average flow of customers during peak hours. When the counters are arranged in groups, the distance between groups shall not be less than 3 meters

(II) supermarkets should divide fire zones according to the provisions of the code for fire protection design of buildings and the code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings. The multi-storey supermarket is divided into a zone of 2500 square meters on the ground and a fire zone of 500 square meters underground; If the supermarket is equipped with automatic sprinkler system, the fire compartment area can be doubled; If the high-rise market is equipped with automatic fire alarm system and automatic sprinkler system, and is decorated with non combustible or non combustible materials, the fire compartment area of the above ground supermarket can be expanded to 4000 square meters, and the fire compartment area of the underground supermarket can be expanded to 2000 square meters

(III) small transit warehouses, service processing and household appliances, clocks, glasses repair departments of supermarkets should be set up separately from the business hall, and the use of open flames should be strictly controlled

(IV) oil immersed power transformers should not be set in underground supermarkets. If they must be set, they should avoid densely populated parts and entrances, and have repeatedly put forward specific requirements for the development of lightweight technology. Partition walls with a fire resistance of not less than 3H and floors with a fire resistance of not less than 2H should be used to separate them from other parts. Class a fire doors should be used on the walls, Emergency oil storage facilities that can store all the oil volume of the transformer shall be set under the transformer

(V) on the horizontal branch pipe of the air conditioning machine room entering the fire compartment, a fire valve that can automatically close in case of fire shall be set according to the regulations. The insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials used on the air-conditioning duct shall be non combustible or non combustible materials

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