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Precautions for the packaging of goods exported to the Arab market

the Arab market is crowded with goods from all countries, and the competition is fierce. Buyers have high requirements for the quality and packaging of goods. At the same time, due to Islamic customs, natural environment and other factors, there are many requirements and taboos on commodity packaging structure, pattern, color and so on. A little carelessness will cause losses to exporters, so exporters should understand these precautions

I. transportation packaging

1. For goods that can be palletized, pallets should be used as much as possible. Convenient operation the Iranian authorities announced that pallets must be used for goods from vessels docked at horam shar in Iran and jedaman port in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, it is not allowed to dock for unloading or charge the consignee additional handling charges

2. The climate in the Middle East is dry. When using wooden cases for packaging, the wood must be fully dried before making: if the moisture content is high, the box plate will be cracked and the nails will be loosened after arriving in the Middle East, which will affect the fastness of the packaging. The difference is that the testing of different materials in different industries requires different experimental attachments

3. Do not use pillows at will. It is reported that an American exporter shipped some goods to Arabia because newspapers were used as packing mats. After arriving at the port of destination, it was found by the customs that it was a Jewish newspaper. All the goods were confiscated and the Arab consignee had been detained. Therefore, great care must be taken. Egypt is a cotton producing country, and raw cotton and plants prone to parasites are prohibited from being used as mats to package export goods

II. Pattern

1. The company plans to invest US $3billion in the next five years to study the next generation chip technology. The export commodities and packaging patterns of Rab countries cannot use hexagonal stars or similar patterns, because there are hexagonal stars on the national emblem of Israel's flag. A cool beverage company in the United States has several 16 pointed stars on its labels for decoration. After the goods arrived at the destination, Arab customers were furious about this, and finally changed all the labels before it was settled

2. The pattern cannot be like Allah. In the past, women's shoes exported from China to Egypt were confiscated by the local customs simply because the anti slip pattern on the heel was similar to the word Allah

3. Photos of beautiful women and the image of old longevity are not popular. For commodities and packages exported to the Arab market, pictures of beautiful women should not be used, nor should male portraits be used as decorative patterns. Even the image of the old longevity, which is known by the Chinese people as a symbol of "auspiciousness and longevity", is not welcome

4. Pig and beast patterns are forbidden. Countries that believe in Islam prohibit pig and similar animal patterns, and they don't like tiger and lion patterns at the same time

III. color

the Arab region is also very particular about color. Green is the most popular, and most Islamic countries advocate green. Islam symbolizes Islam with green, while Egypt represents the national color with green. In addition, the red and green on the white border or white background are also more ideal. All patients in this study were malignant lesions of the spine

Arabs did not like large areas of fiery red color. Islamic countries are particularly disgusted with yellow. Iranians regard blue as a bad color. (Guoxin)

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