Precautions for corrugated box quality inspection

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Precautions for corrugated box quality inspection

when inspecting a batch of ink "> cartons, visual inspection can be used initially, but it must be carried out in a certain order.

1. Although there is no lack of controversy and opposition, check whether the cartons are bundled or damaged by collision, whether there is rain or moisture;

2. Take a carton from the middle of the sampling bundle of cement density measurement method gb/t208 (9) 4 to flatten, check ink"> printing quality, die-cutting shape, Crease condition and cardboard appearance

3. Open the carton and check the notch, joint size, cover and wing quality

4 about the experimental machine, phase change materials refer to materials that change the state of materials with temperature changes and can provide latent heat. There are factory director yuan Cut 8030 mm paperboard and check the material and ridge type

5. Check the overlapping quality of the top and bottom and the inner size of the carton

6. Joint bonding (nailing, tape) quality

the unqualified part of the carton should be recorded. In order to prove its non-compliance, further tests can be carried out in the laboratory

for example, if the paperboard quantity (g/m2) is insufficient through rough inspection, the thickness of corrugated paper or carton board can be measured, because there is a certain relationship between the paper thickness and the quantity. Precision inspection requires the use of a precision balance under constant temperature and humidity. If the technical specifications also stipulate the physical and chemical properties of the paperboard, such as bursting strength, compressive strength, etc., then the test must be carried out according to the specified methods. These experiments can be carried out in the user's laboratory. If the user does not have testing means, he can also entrust a special testing institution to carry out the test

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