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Precautions for screw pump disassembly and assembly

screw pump disassembly steps:

1, screw pump is separated from motor, and the medium is emptied (to prevent motor and toxic medium from hurting people)

2, disassemble the screw pump discharge body

3, disassemble the screw pump stator, and move the shaft according to the pump shaft steering wheel as an auxiliary if necessary

4, disassemble the rotor and intermediate shaft

5, disassemble the transmission shaft and shaft seal

6, the screw pump that has not been used for a long time should be treated with rust prevention. The method is to coat the non painted metal surface with rust prevention grease, including the shaft surface, the inner cavity of the packing shell, etc., and lubricate it

precautions during screw pump assembly:

1, the screw pump parts should be carefully cleaned and inspected during assembly, and the damaged parts should be replaced

2, when the two universal joints of the transmission shaft are installed with high heat resistance, check whether the sealing ring is damaged and fill the cavity with grease

3, the bearing installed correctly makes the shaft rotate flexibly without jamming

4, shaft seal installation: when installing the stuffing box, make the gland compression bolt position in the shell installation window, so as to facilitate the wrench to adjust the bolt

5, when the discharge body pressure is tightened, the nuts should be tightened uniformly

6, the mechanical seal should be installed carefully. Of course, the end face of the friction pair, including foam packaging or stretching film used to protect goods, should be cleaned and coated with grease

7, when installing the stator, coat the rotor with lubricating oil and the surface of the inner cavity of the stator, which is conducive to the installation of gold wires with sample size as small as 0006mm in diameter

8, during installation and assembly, the installation deviation of coupling: △ y ≤ 0.2mm, △ α ≤ 30 carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) prepared by combining the advantages of engineering plastics, such as corrosion resistance, low specific gravity, impact resistance, easy molding, and can be used twice '

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